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ENPL is Eastern Navigation Private Limited, a marine services company based in Kolkata, India with nearly 60 years of project experience with inland water transport, construction and services. Though we offer our equipment for hire, we call ourselves a service company due to three reasons –

  • We offer solutions to undertaking projects in a turnkey fashion. Due to a vast asset base, healthy relationships with other barge and tug providers throughout India, and superior inhouse design, engineering and operational capabilities, we are able to cater to our clients’ complete requirements for a project
  • We are involved in projects right from conception and strive to help our clients make informed decision on
  • Several years of experience in the industry, deep and practical knowledge of local factors and a site based operational mindset ingrained in the organization bring to bear a level of service that no other sub-contractor can offer

Our domain of operation is simply defined by anything on inland and coastal waters. The scope of work in our past and current projects is extremely diverse. For each service we provide, we strive to be involved deeply from a design and operational requirements point of view. We take on projects in a turnkey fashion and assume complete ownership of the problem at hand. Scroll through some of our projects to see for yourself


We are the most reputed and the only turnkey marine solutions provider for bridge, jetty, tower construction and other river infrastructure projects in India.

logistic services

With over 130 ODCs transported in the past 5 years, we are the foremost ODC Marine logistics contractor in the country.

service vessels

We are running hose boats, mooring boats, pilot cum survey boats on long term charters in multiple ports across India.


Regularly operating private parties and tours with upto 700 people in a single party on the Hooghly river in Kolkata.


Geotube bank protection, beach protection, water injection dredging,  girder installation, loading arm installation and removal etc.


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